Abdallah nassar & Allied families

“His master replied, well done good and faithful servant. You have been faithful with a few things, come and share your master’s happiness. Matthew 25:23”

It is with a heavy heart that we organize our thoughts and words to put together a befitting tribute to our mother, sister, auntie, and friend Mrs. Vivian Nassar Gyapong.

Madam Vivian Nassar Gyapong has been the chairperson of our noble association: THE ABDALLAH NASSAR AND ALLIED FAMILIES’ ASSOCIATION for over five years. Due to her dedication, love, commitment, generosity, punctuality, and exceptional leadership qualities at meetings, it was very easy for members to repose their confidence in her for a second term in office as the chairperson of this noble association. She was a very calm and reserved person but always made sure what needed to be done was done to perfection.

Our family meetings held on the last Sunday of each month were very dear to her heart. She made sure even if she had a busy schedule on that day, she would make time to pass through before asking permission to be excused in order to attend other equally important engagements. This was evident at her last meeting before her demise. She reported at 1:30pm to a meeting that was supposed to start at 2pm, with the intention of spending at least an hour before attending to other equally important assignments. The meeting delayed before commencement so she had to leave very early that day. Little did we know that was her final meeting with us.

Those of us who accompanied her to her vehicle received our usual candies and biscuits to be shared for the kids at the meeting with the parting words ‘’ I love you all, keep safe okay’. So, it came as a surprise to all when we heard of her passing on Tuesday. We thought it was one of those expensive “jokes”, but the source of the information was from a senior uncle whom we thought could never toy with such a delicate issue. All we could do was to call other relatives to confirm the sad news.

Auntie Vivian, you are no more with us physically but we cherish and will keep the legacies you left with us as a lasting remembrance of you. At every meeting you espoused the virtues of love, peace, tolerance, generosity and commitment to meetings. You did not only preach these virtues but you practiced them as well to the admiration of all. It was no surprise when you coined the slogan for our association “Norvikporkpor Enye Norviworwor” which literally means seeing your brother is an essence of brotherhood.

We thank God for giving you to this noble society and the lives you were able to touch while you were on earth. All we pray, is for the good LORD to look on your goods deeds, the lives you touched and give you a merciful judgement.

Till we meet again Auntie Vivian, Xede Nyuie le Nutifafa me and may your humble soul rest in perfect peace, Amen.

The Abdallah Nassar and Allied Families' Association