Tribute from GrandChildren

Our Grandma Vivian was special. We loved her, and she loved us even more. We are going to miss her for her kindness, positivity, gentle nature, and so much more. Grandma Vivian was a great grandma to all of us.


Grandma and I loved to do word searches, looking for words hidden in different corners. I loved that when I was feeling down I would walk into grandma’s room and she would cheer me up.

My grandpa passed away nine months ago and grandma Vivian was with us in the US. She gave me hugs and kisses and comforted my brother Sami and me. She was our fun grandma who always brought smiles to our faces. Grandma would ask us to hold her bag or bring her a drink of water. We will miss her saying “Cho!” and laughing out loud.


“I loved watching “Mr.Bean” with grandma. Grandma was so nice to me.” She would always tell us to bring her medicine. And she made yummy pancakes for us. She always made me happy.


My grandma was the best in the world. I often told her I'd buy her a Lamborghini when I grew up and this made her smile and give me hugs. I'm not sure who I'll give that car to now, but I'm sure grandma would guide me somehow to decide. It is not fair that grandma is gone forever and ever.

Grandma, we will miss you, and we pray that you are in a wonderful place right now. We hope you rest in peace, safe and soundly. Please watch over us from heaven.

We love you Grandma Vivan,

Kyle Kofi Adjei, Elias Zanetor Nassar, Sami Yaw Adjei