Holy Rosary Christian mothers' Association

CH 363

When the day of toil is done

When the race of life is run

Father, grant your wearied one,

Rest for evermore

When the strife of sin is stilled

When the foe within is killed

Be your gracious word fulfilled

Peace for evermore

Oh death, you are so cruel! Why have you struck a generous mother from us so suddenly?

Mother Vivian Nassar Gyapong was such a lovely and generous mother who extended her hands to both the Christian Mothers’ Association and parishioners of Holy Rosary Catholic Church, Adenta. Her home welcomed everyone, irrespective of one’s status or creed. She was a mother to every young couple preparing for their wedding and ever ready to host them for a second lunch after their wedding.

Mother Vivian Nassar Gyapong was initiated into the Holy Rosary Catholic Mother’s Association, Adenta, in October 2010, even though she had been worshipping with the church for only five years. She was formerly a parishioner of St. Kizito Catholic Church, Nima. She was very active, reserved, yet friendly and generous. She always volunteered to pay for extra costs of expenses incurred by the Association, when the need arose. She also played behind-the-scenes roles, such as paying CMA dues for mothers who were struggling to do so.

She also served as patron/member to most of the societies and groups in the church and in all these capacities, her generosity came first to none.

Before COVID-19 and during, she had not been as active, for reasons that, she had to visit her children and grandchildren, outside the borders of Ghana.

Mid last year, she informed the Association of one of her scheduled visits to one of her children with plans to return this year. Even though a few mothers heard of her return and visited to welcome her back home, we did not know that she was ill and the gravity of the illness, that necessitated her admission at the Ridge Hospital. We were therefore shocked to hear about her passing on June 13, 2022.

Mother Vivian, we deeply mourn your passing. We are eternally grateful for your motherly love, advice, and generosity. We will always remember you in our prayers.

Mother Vivian, fare thee well.

We will forever miss you.

Rest peacefully in the Lord.

“We are the mothers (2x)

Christian Mothers

We stand for Good Family

We stand for Holy Family

Jesus, Mary, Joseph

Holy Family

Pray for us.”

Animuonyam nka Nyame…. Na Ote ase daa

Nutikorkoe na Mawu…. Eli tegbee

Anumyam aha Nyumo…. Ohio shi Daa

Aka Daana Yuori Nye Puubu…. Koobebe Teglegle

Glory be to God…. He lives forever


Holy Rosary Christian Mothers’ Association, Adenta